What is Resisting Decay?

Resisting Decay is an open world horror survival game. In an apocalyptic world full of dangers, mysteries and enemies, you fight to survive alone or with friends. In the constant search for the best possible conditions, you fight your way through rough landscapes and abandoned cities. You craft tools and weapons, build a base to protect yourself and your friends. And the question always arises, who is enemy and who is friend. Do you have a better chance of surviving alone or in a group? There’s only one way to find out…

Resisting Decay is in a very early state of development. The following is a more detailed overview of what is happening and planned.

Latest version –

  • Added Steam Network

  • Added dedicated servers for Windows and Linux

  • Added dynamic weather system

  • Added night and day cycle


This list is kind of an initial overview of playable features that are in the game right now so you can see from where we are starting when it comes to future updates. All these listed features are currently kept very simple and will be further developed over time.

  • Inventory system

  • Crafting system

  • Cooking system

  • Base building system

  • Damage system

  • Vendor system

  • Container/storage system

  • Sounds/Soundtracks

  • Character movement system, FPP/TPP, stances

  • Melee/Range weapons, attachments, slots, ammo

  • Equipment & -slots

  • Throwables

  • Items/loot system/spawning, durabilty & repairing

  • Character vitals (health, stamina, hunger, thirst)

  • Main menu

  • Pause menu

  • Server browser

  • Menus for game, video, audio and control/keybinding settings

… and a bit more …